Body Jumpstart

Need a reboot but don’t know where to start?stressed

For most of my new clients just starting out, the Sugar Control Program is what I suggest. This is a 2 week program designed to cut out toxins, allergens, and stimulants, giving your body a chance to regroup, and start fresh. This is also a great “Pre-Detox” if you are considering the Purification Program.

During these two weeks you will gain energy, lose cravings, sleep better, and most likely even lose a few pounds. My all-time favorite story with the Sugar Control Program, is client of mine who was so committed to getting her health back, she stuck to this program (slightly modified for long term use) for a full year, and she lost over 100lbs!

The following is a two-week diet, designed to help re-calibrate your body’s sugar control circuits. It will increase your energy and vitality. Please follow it closely. It is not a healthy diet for all times, but it is beneficial for you during a trial period.

This way of eating does take a little planning, but is well worth the effort. Most people may also lose weight while on this diet without being hungry. Others, who need to gain weight, often find
their weight will return to normal without undue effort.

What to Eatinnatehealing15

PROTEINS: Each meal should include a minimum of 4-6 ounces of protein, but you can have as much as you desire. Meat, poultry, fish, eggs are unlimited, if no sensitivity exists.

VEGETABLES: Eat as much as you desire. You cannot eat too much. Focus on dark, leafy greens and a variety of colors. No potatoes, yams, or other starchy vegetables.

FRUITS: Careful here – innatehealing10only to be eaten alone between meals as a snack. Leave the sweeter fruits such as bananas, mangoes, persimmons, papayas, dried fruits, etc. alone. One or two pieces of fruit per day is plenty.

GRAINS: No wheat!  Use only dried beans and legumes that have been soaked for at least 24 hours.  Wild rice and quinoa, are allowed, but only at the evening meal.

NUTS: Raw or slow-roasted nuts make a great snack  (preferably soaked).

DAIRY: No dairy is allowed (with the exception of grass-fed butter).

FATS: No artificial or hydrogenated fats allowed, such as margarine or shortening. No Canola or vegetable oils. Coconut oil, olive oil, grass-fed butter and other nut/seed oils are okay, as long as they are 100% organic.

SWEETENERS: Try to avoid sweeteners of any kind. (IF you must, raw honey, dates, and organic pure maple syrup are our preferred sweeteners.)

You must eat every two hours of the waking day – Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack (optional). You do not need to eat a large volume of food at these meals – just a fistful of nuts or a piece of fruit, etc.food4

No processed or packaged foods allowed. Eat only those foods found in nature. Eat some raw vegetables and fermented foods such as sauerkraut, pickles, or kombucha (this boost enzyme production, and aids in digestion).

Organic is best. Avoid antibiotic-treated, hormonally-raised animal foods, and foods treated with pesticides and insecticides.

Once you complete your 2 weeks, you will be feeling so much better, I bet you’ll want to keep going!

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