Worthiness – a Key to Emotional Healing

Worthiness is an issue that I think we all struggle with, but especially women in particular. We try to be everything to everyone, leaving very little left over for ourselves. I KNOW the battle that goes on in your head dear sister.Until I read this article here about being the “perfect” mother/wife/person, I didn’t see how the expectations that I put on myself were completely unrealistic. I literally laughed out loud when I read her list of all the things she expects to accomplish in one day, mostly because my list was identical to hers (just add 2 more kids and a business) . The truth is, being and doing everything we think  we should, truly just can not happen all in one day. So stop beating yourself up when it doesn’t! Do your best every day, and yes, some days your best will just be managing to get dinner in the crock pot (and then of course, there are the days where just getting a shower will be an accomplishment).  Congratulations! You did it! Children are not a distraction from more important work, they are the most important work.:  To help you feel a little more like the radiant being of unconditional love and light that you are, please take time to read this article: Worthiness – a Key to Emotional Healing from wakeup-world.com

Lots of love fellow sister,



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