Get Ready for Summer!

Updated 5/28/2017

Every natural Mama needs to know these summer tips! 

*Bonus Recipes at the End!

Tip #1 – Sunscreen: Why should you avoid commercial sunscreens? 

According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG) approximately 75% of commercial sunscreens contain toxic chemicals that are linked to cancer and disrupt hormones.

Store bought sunscreens typically contain:

  • Retinyl palmitate, a known skin cancer hazard.
  • Oxybenzone, which disrupts hormones leading to cell damage and cancer.
  • Zinc and titanium nanoparticles are in colorless sun screen lotions.

Those and other chemicals rubbed on your skin are readily absorbed into your bloodstream and can be just as unhealthy and toxic as an oral dose

An excerpt from a 2012 CNN article about sunscreens:

“The EWG said consumers should not purchase sunscreens with SPF greater than 50. SPF (sun protection factor) works by absorbing, reflecting or scattering the sun’s rays on the skin. It is very misleading to put high SPF numbers on labels because it gives consumers a false sense of security and doesn’t offer a lot more protection.”

While SPF 85 may sound like a lot more protection than SPF 30, the higher the number doesn’t always offer a higher return. Studies show that sunscreen with SPF 15 can block about 93% of all incoming UVB rays. SPF 30 blocks 97%. SPF 50 blocks 98%. The protective factors plateau from there.

“A product with SPF 100+ blocks about 99.1 percent of the UVB rays. You don’t really need a high number. They end up being expensive and don’t offer more protection than SPF 50. Keep in mind, SPF protects only against UVB rays.”



Homemade Sunscreendownload (6)

1/4 C. Coconut Oil
20 Drops Carrot Seed Essential Oil
*(optional) 10 Drops of other Essential Oil for scent

Mix all ingredients together. You can store it in a glass bowl with a lid, or in a squeeze bottle. (Coconut oil melts at 75 degrees, anything cooler than that, it will start to solidify)

*This recipe is not waterproof. You will need to reapply it after getting wet or sweating. You can also add a little beeswax and non-nano zinc oxide to make it waterproof and stronger.

Tip #2 – Sunburn Relief

What causes a sunburn in the first place? 
Sunburns are due to increased calcium in your blood from the Vitamin D produced during sun exposure. As you know, the body makes Vitamin D from sunshine and when the skin is exposed to the sun and Vitamin D is increased in the body, it will pull calcium out of the tissues and into the blood circulation at high levels. If a person is calcium deficient, this minimizes the tissue calcium concentration even further, causing an imbalance, which will lead to sunburn.

So maybe you were a little late on the sunscreen…now what?!

  • Calcium Lactate and Cataplex F Tabs from Standard Process – The combination of these two products will normalize the calcium blood levels. Taking 2 Cataplex F Tabs and 6 Calcium Lactate two times per day will typically relieve red skin over night. (If possible, take 3 Cataplex F Tabs two hours before sun exposure for best results). Calcium Lactate also comes in a powdered version, you would take 1.5 teaspoons and 3 Cataplex F Tabs, twice a day. Children would take 1 teaspoon, and 1 Cataplex F Tab one to two times per day (children 12 years and older would take adult dosage).
  • USF Ointment from Standard Process is an essential fatty acid topical lotion to promote healing of the skin.
  • PhytoGel from Eneretix is a homeopathic topical lotion. *Also works great for bug bites.

Tip #3 – Staying Hydrated

Cranberry-Lemonade-PunchHomemade Electrolyte Drink

Adult Version Ingredients:
1 liter of pure water
1 drop per 10 pounds of body weight of Spectra Min (i.e. 120 lbs. = 12 drops)
10 drops Phyto Rad
1 full dropper ReHydration
2 ounces (or to taste) of organic berry, orange, grape or cranberry juice



Children’s Version – Ingredients:
16 oz. of pure water
1 drop per 10 pounds of body weight of Spectra Min (i.e. 40 lbs. = 4 drops)
5 drops Phyto Rad
10 drops ReHydration
2 ounces (or to taste) of organic berry, orange,   grape or cranberry juice

Bonus -Super Easy DF/GF Summertime Recipes Kids Will Love! 

2 Ingredient Mango Ice Cream

Cucumber Sandwiches

Berry Watermelon Fruit Salad

Watermelon Frosty

Strawberry Coconut Popsicles

Extra Bonus for Mom!

11 Delicious Detox Water Recipes

Spring Cleaning Detox Salad

Fresh Start Superfood Salad

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