How I Took Back My Power, and Gained Control of My Health in 4 Steps

Oh where to begin…

My health has been a bit of a roller coaster I guess you could say, for the last 8 months or so (well actually a lot longer – but increasingly so recently).

It started when I lost our daughter in the 5th month of my pregnancy. Delivering her so early in my pregnancy caused the placenta to retain since biologically, it was not ready to detach. This called for emergency surgery.

Surgery didn’t go as well as hoped, and resulted in several complications. Ultimately I ended up severely anemic and full of toxicity. The emotional and physical toll that my body was hit with was nearly unbearable. My health was so poor I was unable to work for 6 months. Although I managed to piece myself back together as best as I thought I could, I still felt terrible.

Over the last 8 months, my daily symptoms included:

Severe anxiety and depression – to the extent that I couldn’t even leave my house. A trip to the grocery store or driving 25 minutes to Costco would send me into a full blown anxiety attack.
Irritable (cranky mommy!)
Blurry, yellowish, blood shot eyes
Chronic neck pain
Hair falling out
Rash under left arm (from medications still trying to leave my body from the surgery)
Weight Loss (down to 109 lbs – at least 10-15 pounds underweight)
NO appetite – eating food would make me feel ill
Menstrual bleeding for 6 weeks straight!
NO sex drive – none – gone – #donttouchme
Feel spacey/poor memory
Sugar and coffee cravings
Complete Exhaustion – to the point where I literally couldn’t even
…and for the grand finale – I found out that I have MTHFR and I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism!

I had to do something. I kept thinking, “I will…I will…”, but I never did. I didn’t “feel” like it. Because being a raging, hormonal, sick, irrational human being in chronic pain,  sounded so much better than getting my shit together apparently???

I felt myself slipping further and further into an unhealthy state of mind, and I was sincerely concerned I might not make it out of this – that either mentally or physically, I was going to reach a point there wasn’t any coming back from.

I had spent the last several nights watching inspirational Ted Talks, you know, because of the whole insomnia factor, I had time to spare. The talk that resonated with me the most was titled, “How to Stop Screwing Yourself Over”, by Mel Robbins.

I liked her. She spoke my language. And the line that really rang through my whole being was this – “Your’re NEVER going to “feel” like it. You’re NEVER going to WANT to do it.”

Especially when you feel so terrible, the last thing you want to think about is adding one more thing. 

For me, it always takes reaching a breaking point for me to actually do something about it.

I woke up the next day and I thought, “today is the day!”

Something else Mel Robbins said, “as soon as you have the impulse – you must act on it! If you don’t take action right away, you’ll talk yourself out of it.”

So I knew, today really was the day. There wasn’t going to be any thinking about it. Only action – or else it wouldn’t happen.

I needed to do something way out of my comfort zone. I was so funky chicken – I needed something that was completely out of the ordinary for me.

Step #1
I registered for a 6 Week winter boot camp exercise program with my friend/yoga teacher/personal trainer – Marnae Flores. BEST DECISION EVER!

Now please understand – I was in NO WAY one of those people that enjoyed exercise. But this was exactly what I needed to shake up my funk.

After my very first class, the fog already started to lift! It definitely helped that Marnae is one of the most amazing, inspirational women I know. She holds such a beautiful space for you, teaching you how to embrace where you are, how to honor your journey and appreciate your challenges, as they are the experiences that sculpt your soul – and turn you into the warrior that you were meant to be.

Step #2
I scheduled a counseling session with a grief counselor/hypnotherapist. Also a friend of mine, Victoria Jazwic, has been a beautiful light in my life. She has helped me over the last several years when I have had a hard time seeing the road ahead. In the 6 months of grieving my daughter, I had yet to actually seek out help from a trained professional in dealing with the grief process. I just kept thinking that one day it wouldn’t hurt so bad. I was wrong. It will always hurt as bad…but I have learned how to carry her with me, instead of being paralyzed by the loss.

Step #3
In addition to mentally working through the grief process, I also turned to another friend of mine, Christine Rose, for help with energetically healing the wounds that I was left with. I can’t even explain this process – there are no words to describe the healing that has taken place in regards to energetically putting my pieces back together. She has played a HUGE role in my recovery process!

Step #4
It was time to nourish my body by ridding myself of toxins, and fueling my cells with proper nutrition. I started the 21 Day Purification Program through Standard Process. I have done this several times in the past, and I also offer this to my clients to help with their own healing process. However, I have to say for myself, I have never had such quite dramatic results as I did this time.

All of the previous steps had definitely helped, but not until adding the Purification Program did I finally feel like I came back to life. Now I was getting nourishment on all levels – spiritually, emotionally, physically, and nutritionally. I could finally start building up my reserves that had been completely depleted for so long.

During this process, I learned that I had MTHFR, which is a genetic mutation that doesn’t allow your body to detox properly. All of a sudden, things made so much more sense. This was a huge part as to why I just couldn’t recover after the surgery.

My anemia had been completely unresponsive to iron and B-12. I kept dropping weight. I felt sicker and sicker all the time. An extreme exhaustion that never seemed to improve. A burning rash under my arm (in the arm that was used as the injection site for the medications during surgery). Anxiety and depression. I just felt TOXIC!

As I mentioned earlier, the surgery didn’t go well, which caused me to receive much more medication than originally intended.

I am an extremely sensitive individual. I do not use any medications – ever. I only use natural cleaners and hygiene products. I eat 100% organic. So you can see that my exposure to chemicals is very minimal.

The toxic load that was placed on my body was way too much for me to handle! It was no wonder I felt SO TERRIBLE!

Within the first week of being on the cleanse about 75% of my symptoms had disappeared, and by the end, 99% of my symptoms were gone! (Still working on my hair falling out, although it is much less, but thyroids take time!)

I started sleeping the very first night, and throughout the program my anxiety and depression became absolutely non existent. The menstrual bleeding that had been going on for 6 WEEKS had completely stopped by day 4. I became a much happier, calmer person. My headaches were gone. Neck pain gone. Rash gone. Eyes clearer. My appetite returned. The brain fog lifted. My cravings went away. Follow up blood work showed that I was no longer anemic. ….And lets just say that I have a very happy husband 😉

Other awesome things I have noticed from the program; I am not bloated anymore, I usually have a pretty flat stomach now. I was able to pin point exactly what foods my body didn’t like and the distinct effect they had on me (headaches, bloating, heart racing etc.), AND – for the first time in my life – through my nutritional program and exercise – drum roll please………I HAVE 4 1/2 ABS! It’s kind of a big deal… I wish I would have taken a before picture. I was skin and bones, no muscle definition what so ever, and yet I still had a pretty bloated stomach. I never thought I would have abs, especially after having 4 babies!

After finishing the program, I had gained 3 lbs and 11 inches! This was huge for me! I was wasting away, and keeping any weight on was extremely difficult (my lowest point was 103 lbs!)

One reason I love the Purification Program so much is that it is designed to help you attain your personal balanced, *healthy* weight – meaning, if you need to gain weight you will gain, and if you need to lose weight you will lose it. You can customize this program to work for YOU according to what your ideal goals are.

*Let me just insert here – I am in no way trying to “sell” you anything. This is simply a tool I have to offer which has helped so many people reach their health goals – including me personally. Gotta practice what you preach right?

So not only did this program get me back on track, it has set me up to be successful for the future. It took commitment and effort to get my health going in the right direction, but I accomplished my goal – and it felt amazing! I have more energy now than I have had in YEARS. I have continued with my exercise routine (3+ months now), and have even added on to it. I started out slow, and now I am up to 3 days a week (which I know for some may not be a big deal, but for me it is!)

I find myself choosing to do more and more things that increase my health and well being. I am continually getting stronger, more energetic, and just feeling GOOD!

It is so nice to have my life back!

This is a lifestyle, and you must keep it up. I know that if I were to slip back into old habits, I would end up right back at the beginning. I wont be perfect – I know that. But I also know that every day is a new beginning!

Update: since taking these initial steps, I have been able to gain 15 lbs! I am continuing to heal (still having goods days and bad,) but every day is process!

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When your plans and schemes and your hopes and dreams beg for you to let them go.
When the life you have so consciously created all comes crumbling down.
When your soul is heavy and your heart broken in two.
When you gave it your best, and it wasn’t quite enough.
When you’ve been beaten and defeated and feel so far away from home.
When you find yourself in a thousand pieces, with no idea which bit goes where.
When you have loved and lost. And then lost again.
When your wings have been clipped, spirit dampened, and all you hear is a whisper.
When you finally beg mercy to your calling but have no idea where to start.
Rise for you. And rise for me.
For when you rise first, you make the path brighter for She.

 – Rebecca Campbell

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