My All Natural Medicine Cabinet

“What should I take for….”

I get this question all of the time! Wouldn’t it be great if you knew exactly what to grab when you’re feeling a little off?

I believe one of the absolute best ways to heal your body is through whole food nutrition and herbs. When you nourish your body, it’s healing ability is unbelievable. It’s quite miraculous, actually.

Why reach for a synthetic chemical when you could feed our body instead?

To help you put a little power back into your own hands, I have put together a complete list of my go-to Standard Process and MediHerb products!

A-C Carbamide – helpful with gout.

Adrenal Complex – exhaustion and fatigue.

Adrenal Tonic – adrenal adaptogen, great for every day stress, fatigue, and mood/energy support. Many people who wake up extremely early for work, find this to be very beneficial.

Albaplex/Arginex –  this combination is great for bladder infections.

Allerplex – seasonal allergies.

Andrographis – cold and flu support (general immune support for all types of invaders).

Antronex – headaches and migraines. Also great for caffeine withdrawal.

Boswellia – anti-inflammatory.

Broncafect – hands down the BEST product for a nasty cough, you know, the one that sounds like a seal bark. Great for bronchitis, or other lung/bronchial issue (also available in liquid form).

Calcium Lactate – helps reduce fever, and muscle/menstrual cramps.

Cataplex AC – upset stomach, food poisoning, any kind of immune thing – always grab Cataplex AC first!

Chaste Tree – hot flashes and night sweats.

Cholacol – bile replacement. If you or anyone you know has had their gallbladder removed, they NEED this product!!! You can not be healthy without proper support if you have had your gallbladder removed! Bile replacement is a MUST!

Colax – severe constipation.

Congaplex – general short-term immune support. Always my first go-to for a cold. Also comes in a chewable for kids. ( I use Congaplex/Cyruta Plus combination for Mono and sore throats).

Cyruta Plus – nose bleeds, bleeding gums, and anti-inflammatory. *See note above about Congaplex/Cyruta Plus combination.

Fen-Cho – mild laxative, stool softener.

Hepatrophin PMG – hangovers (take before and after drinking).

Herbal Throat Spray – sore throat, singers, and speakers. You can also spray on the bottom of feet for kids to help them with a cough.

Inositol – when you’ve had too much sugar. Kids love this because it’s chewable and tastes good.

Kava Forte – mild depression, anxiety, and sleep issues (combine with Min-Tran for sleep).

Ligaplex I – sprains, strains, sports injuries, muscle tears and pulls.

Min-Tran – when the full moon has you acting crazy (seriously), irritability, insomnia, anxiety.

Min-Chex – stress, nervousness, irritability. Also great for ADD/ADHD.

Mulitzyme – multiple enzymes for breaking down protein, fat and carbohydrates with pancreatic support.

Nevaton – when the kids are out of control, sleep aid, and stress. Um…let me clarify – YOU take this – you do not give this to your kids to put them to sleep so they stop stressing you out.

Parotid PMG – chemical exposure. If you’ve used toxic cleaning products, paint, or if you are a hair stylist, you should take this product daily.

Phosfood – congested gallbladder, gallbladder attacks and stones. *DO NOT use in 3rd trimester of pregnancy.

ProSynbiotic – both pre and probiotic supplement. What’s the difference? Most people are only taking probiotics, which are great for the gut, however if you are not feeding those probiotics, what good are you doing? That’s what the prebiotic does – it feeds the probiotic.

Saligesic – headaches and pain. Consider this your natural alternative to ibuprofen.

Spanish Black Radish – carbohydrate and sugar overload. Spanish Black Radish is an amazing lymphatic detoxifier. Also helpful in fibromyalgia.

USF Ointment – sunburns and minor skin burns, diaper rash.

Wheat Germ Oil – helpful in healing/fading scars. Apply topically to scars.

Withania – We call this our “happy pill”. Withania is an amazing herb for mood and adrenal support. This one in particular works better, the longer you take it. Also great for relaxation and sleep.

Zypan – acid reflux, and digestive support.

If you would like additional information about products or dosage recommendations, please contact me.

*Please keep in mind that the above statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and this article is not a replacement for advice from a medical doctor and should not be confused as such. None of these statements are intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease or condition. These are only suggestions based on my personal experience. If you choose to use any of the previous recommendations, you are doing so by your own free will and you accept any and all risks associated. I recommend researching each supplement before you choose to use them, especially herbal contraindications.

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