Are You Lying to Yourself?

When’s the last time you looked in the mirror? Not to fix your hair, but to take a hard look at yourself. Your actions. Behaviors. Thought patterns. Have you asked yourself, “what am I doing to contribute to the situation?” Whether it’s a relationship, a goal, or a personal situation… what are YOU doing about it? What’s your responsibility? Are you holding yourself accountable? Maybe you’re taking on TOO MUCH responsibility for other people’s shit. How’s your mindset? Are you feeling bitter, stubborn or stuck in a belief of “lacking”? We are the creator of our own reality. Focus on what you want. Think of it as if it’s already happening. Do you need to take any action steps? Do you need to get out of your own way? Do you need to set better boundaries? Often, I need to remind myself that I am my own worst enemy. No one could ever judge me harder than I judge myself. I get caught up in my own ridiculous expectations (ones I would never hold others to). Sometimes, you just need to stop… look in the mirror… and see the truth through all of the bullshit that clutters our mind. What lie have you been telling yourself?

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