The Dark Side

I’ve always played with the darker side of life. That’s just where I’ve always felt the most uncomfortably comfortable. The rainbows and unicorns with the soft words, bright outlooks, and the positive affirmations just aren’t going to cut it for me. Please don’t get me wrong, they are very valid and the world needs them! But it’s just not MY thing. I’m more of a let’s get down and dirty and fuck your shit up kind of woman. I’m not trying to plaster a sparkly band-aid on your open and infected wound. My job is to first, let you know the wound exists. Second, get you to acknowledge the wound needs attention and third, help you figure out what kind of care it needs. You must be willing to do the real work, otherwise you’re only letting the wound scab over. It never really heals. You’ll continue to be triggered. You’ll continue to feel broken. Your relationships will continue to suffer. But it doesn’t have to be that way! You just can’t be afraid of the dark. Don’t worry, I’ll carry the torch.

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