What’s In Your Closet?

Over the last 15 years I’ve been reading the energy of the body and learning new ways to communicate with it. I’m mostly known for reading the body on a physical and nutritional level, and helping the body heal through natural methods.

Throughout my experiences what I’ve really learned is that I LOVE helping people, and I LOVE teaching them that THEY have the power to heal themselves. I’ve also learned that what I’m really passionate about is connecting with people and my real gifts lie in my ability to read and communicate with PEOPLE – not just the body.

I love helping others sift through their emotional garbage, which in turn, helps them make healthier choices whether it be with their diet, their relationships or just in the choices they make in their every day life.

When I say “emotional garbage” I don’t mean it as disrespect to our experiences, but rather the term “garbage” refers to what no longer serves us. When your trash can is full, you take it out and you don’t think twice. You don’t cling to it. You don’t take pieces back out to save for later… you throw it out and move on with your life. But the problem is, most of us haven’t been properly taught how to deal with our “garbage”, so we just keep shoving it in the closet so it’s out of sight. Our closet becomes so full that the door no longer shuts properly, but we just keep adding more to it… until we get triggered, and that’s when the door gives and everything comes tumbling out.

Eminem has a song about this you know… it’s even called “Cleanin’ Out My Closet”

“All this commotion emotions run deep as ocean’s exploding”

Sound familiar?

Recently, a client and great friend of mine (who I’ve known for over 20 years!) gave me the best compliment! She said I was like her “emotional Marie Kondo”. First of all, I got mad respect for Marie and her bad ass organizing skills, so right away I was like, “fuck yes!” But more importantly, my client’s explanation was even better. She’s always had a hard time dealing with uncomfortable emotions. She did what most of us do; ignore and supress them. We aren’t taught how to effectively handle emotions. She did this so much that if you asked her how she felt about something her answer would be, “I don’t know”. She said to me that in the beginning she felt so overwhelmed by the idea of having to look at these pieces that she had shoved so far down, and the idea of bringing them up was scary. But then she said, “You are like my emotional Marie Kondo. You take one piece at a time and gently hold it up for me to look at. You ask me what I’d like to say about it, do we need to acknowledge it or save it for another day? Do we need to continue to carry this around? Where did it come from? And all of a sudden it’s not so scary anymore.”

And that is where the healing takes place! Simply saying to the other person, “I see you, and I’m here. You’re not alone, and I’ll help you sort this out.”

In the time we’ve worked together I watched her grow as a woman, gain confidence in herself and her choices. She’s had the courage to have the difficult conversations she didn’t think she could, and she’s one hell of a bad ass mom.

I can’t begin to describe the joy my heart felt when she told me how much our work together has done for her. These are the experiences that I love to help create in people’s lives!

So moving forward this is what you can expect to see from me. I believe in helping people heal – and healthy people are WHOLE people. WHOLE people clean out their closets.

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