Your Trauma Has a Right to Be Healed


When I saw this quote, every cell in my body was like, “YAAAAASSSSSSSSS! Praise Jesus, hallelujah!”

Read the top line again – YOUR TRAUMA IS VALID!

I was CONSTANTLY judging MYSELF because I knew other’s who had suffered worse. My heart feels so deeply for this world, how could I even compare my struggles to the REAL tragedies that are happening everyday?

I was sexually assaulted… “so what, who hasn’t been?”

I have extreme depression and anxiety, sometimes it’s hard to even leave the house… “get over yourself already”

I had an abortion when I was 13… “and? move on with your life”

I lost my daughter and I miss her everyday…”at least you have 3 other kids you selfish bitch, think about the women who can’t have any”

And the list goes on and on.

I never felt like I had the right to FEEL my emotions because someone always had it worse. But here’s the thing – it was tragic to ME. It destroyed pieces of MY heart. And I would always feel broken until I gave it the attention it deserved.

Once I learned how to start healing this in myself (and believe me, I am still working on it), I knew that I wanted to be the lighthouse for others. This is why the emotional aspect of my practice is SO important to me.

You deserve a place to feel heard, without judgment and without fear! You also deserve a chance to heal! This is what I love the MOST about the emotional work that I do. You don’t have to suffer in silence or feel alone. No one should.

I think my clients can feel this in me. One of the most common statements clients say to me is, “I’ve never told anyone this but…”

I have that effect on people and it is a true honor to be trusted with such pivotal information. I believe they feel safe with me because I am not shy about sharing my truth with them. We are all in this together. When we heal ourselves, we heal the world.

Your trauma is valid. It’s ok to hurt. It’s ok to feel broken. What’s not ok is to think that you have to suffer because someone else “has it worse”. We all have a story and our stories are what connect us to each other. This is how we build compassion, learn to love each other, and HEAL as a whole.

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