Back To School Series: Staying Healthy

Back to school, back to school! 

I love getting back into the routine and the fall weather but you know what I don’t look forward to once school starts? GERMS from all of those little booger eating pumpkins!

So how can we TRY to help keep them healthy? 

#1. Hand washing!!!  Obviously, I know! But seriously… we wash our hands ALL the time. Maybe it’s because I am slightly OCD, but we wash the MOMENT we come into the house, no matter where we have been, but ESPECIALLY after school!

#2. Take good quality supplements that support immune health! Some of my favorites are Chewable Congaplex and Calcium Lactate from Standard Process, Kiddi Flora and Zinc Somaplex from Marco Pharma.

#3. Focus on nourishing the body! Be sure to get in LOTS of organic fruits and veggies (which seems to be harder when the weather gets colder, but SO important!). Teas (or tinctures) like lemon balm, rosehip tea (with a squeeze of lemon – this combination packs a HUGE punch of Vitamin C!), dandelion root, nettle, burdock, and mullein leaf are just some examples of wonderful immune boosting support! And try to stay up on adequate water intake (ideally ½ their body weight in ounces)… this is where the herbal teas can be helpful too! And I can’t stress this enough… don’t over do it on the sugar! Sugar suppresses white blood cell function which is what our immune system relies on to fight infection! Back to school means classroom parties, birthdays, and other celebrations which often include TREATS. It seems like every week it’s something! Because my kids have a lot of allergies and we follow an organic lifestyle, I always talk to the teachers at the beginning of the year and ask them to give me a heads up for when there is a celebration so I can pack a special treat for my kids. That way, they still get to participate, but I have control over what is going into their bodies. If you’re also in the allergy boat with us, you might want to consider supplying the teacher with some snacks and treats to have on hand for random days that “prizes” might be handed out during a lesson or game. 

#4. Rest, rest, rest! Their little body’s are working really hard trying to learn and interact. They need extra sleep and more time to relax. Try a bedtime routine that includes a bath with some lavender essential oil to help them unwind from the day (and energetically cleanses them from the energy of others) as well as helping them get a restful nights sleep. Their bodies get overwhelmed too, and I think sometimes we forget that our kids need to take time for self care just as much as we do. If sleep seems to be an issue for your little one, try adding in some Min Tran and Inositol from Standard Process to help calm their nerves and relax their mind (these are also excellent supplements for ADD/ADHD). Also note, if your little one is going into kindergarten (or all day preschool) it is VERY common for them to be CRANKY when they get home! They are TIRED! Older kids might also go through this as they are transitioning back into the school year. Extra rest or naps might be something to consider. I personally feel like a snack and nap heals a lot of problems (…Yes, I am talking about adults too).

It’s nearly a guarantee that our children will get at least a cold at some point during the school year, but with following the guidelines above and learning other natural methods, you can help your family stay healthier longer and recover quicker! 

To learn more about children’s health, check out this article from the Medical Medium!

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