Happy New Year!

How do you feel about New Year’s resolutions? I have never been a fan for two reasons:

1. Why put off making positive changes? And this goes for more than just New Years. How many times have we said, or heard:

“I’ll start:
– in the summer
– when the kids go back to school
– after the holidays”

There’s no law that says you can’t start your new life on a cloudy Tuesday in the middle of April. New day, new life! Who dis bitch?

2. I feel like saying, “ok, this year I’m going to (fill in the blank)”, sets us up for failure. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but I’ve had to learn the hard way that it doesn’t have to be ALL or nothing, either/or… it can be AND, and it can be half ass or full ass depending on where you’re at in your life.

I think if you are trying your best every day, that’s all you can hope for. And some days our “best” isn’t going to be as good as others. Give yourself grace. Perfection doesn’t exist. Life gets messy, and at times it’s just pure chaos and our best might be just getting out of bed to shower. Breathe in. Breathe out. Let it go. Meet yourself where you are, and love yourself regardless. Beating yourself up doesn’t do anyone any good.  Celebrate the little victories. It’s in those that you find the motivation to take on the bigger ones.

Did you drink water today? Good job! I’m proud of you! Whoa… you even added lemon? Damn, you’re a badass!
No shit, you drank celery juice too? KILLING IT!

I believe in having goals for yourself and setting intentions, but I’m just saying, you’re year isn’t ruined if you fell off your path two weeks in because you forgot to soak the beans and now your whole meal plan AND budget is thrown off. Clearly, I’m speaking from experience!

Every day is a fresh start – every moment is a choice – you got this! Maybe our new DECADE resolution could be to be kinder to ourselves, more heart centered, present, willing, open, graceful… I know how hard you’re trying. I see you.

Happy New Year!

XoXo – Mystic Mage

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