13:31 The Reflection

I have spent quite a bit of time reflecting on my life lately. Where I have been, the things I have done, the stories I once believed… And oh, how things change.

I am 31 – and 3/4! 😉 – Life is weird isn’t it? I mean really, has it gone at all how you had imagined? Certainly not for me! I find myself still waiting to have it all figured out. How silly is that? We will never have it figured out. Ever.

As I was thinking back, and tending to some younger parts of me, age 13 kept coming up over and over. It was a tough time in my life for sure. 13 tends to be an age I don’t particularly like to spend much time thinking about, which is so odd to me, considering it was a major defining moment in my life. There was a before and an after. Then I realized – 13:31… It’s a reflection. How interesting? And then these words came to me:

Darkness fades in as the light flickers out.
An ending.
A beginning.

Untold stories within the heart,
Eyes crying,

See me.

Outside looking in,
An empty soul who has forgotten.
Inside looking out,
A girl who is not one of them.

See me.
Need me.
Love me.

Where is she?

She is within.

I love.
I feel.
I see.

A woman who is not one of them,
Within me.
Inside looking out,
A soul remembered,
Outside, looking in.

Eyes crying,
Telling stories from the heart.

A beginning.
An ending.
Darkness fades as the light flickers.

I am free.

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