10 Plant-Based Fall Inspired Recipes

Fall is my favorite time of year (and how fitting considering my name is Autumn…)

I love the beautiful colors and watching the leaves fall. There’s something very inspiring about watching the transformational process into winter, the death, and yet knowing that the spring will come and all will be reborn again. Fall is our gentle reminder that letting go may feel like we are suffering a loss, yet the process is a beautiful unfolding to new growth.

My 6-Week Transformation Program group is finishing up their last week, and what perfect timing! I have been in awe of their progress, and I think they are pretty surprised too! We have experienced some really incredible moments together and I couldn’t be more proud of them!

So, as we are all looking to find comfort in the process this fall, I also wanted to offer you some comfort and nourishment for your body!

I have put together 10 Plant-Based Fall Inspired recipes for you to enjoy this season while you are settling in to your own transformation!

You can download your free recipes here!

I hope you enjoy!


P.S. – If you are looking for some healthy inspiration for the holiday season, be sure to check out my Ultimate Healthy Holiday Cookbook and my Healthy Holiday Sweets & Treats!

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