Interview: What is Emotional & Intuitive Healing?

Q & A with Autumn Smith, an Emotional Declutterer and Intuitive Healer

By Jessica Morea Irvine

Cleaning out your emotional space is a lot like cleaning out your physical space. You have to open your cupboards, see what’s there, and decide if it still brings you joy or if it’s simply taking up space. And just like Marie Kondo focuses on cleaning up our physical spaces, Autumn Smith focuses on decluttering our energetic spaces. Autumn recalls that her intuitive gifts began as a “loud voice” that would warn her of impending danger. She also remembered feeling emotionally overwhelmed as a young child, which she realizes now she was feeling all of the emotions of the other people around her. Today, they have evolved into a full fledged ability to see what is cluttering a person’s energy field, draining them of joy and vital energy, and sometimes causing illness and disease. Today, we get to talk with Autumn about how this all works and why it’s so urgently needed.

Jessica: We are living in a time of unprecedented chaos and unrest and it’s taking an emotional toll. What do you suggest to your clients?

Autumn: These are unprecedented times but I also see them as opportunities. My suggestion is that we take the time to declutter our emotional bodies, which are part of our overall energy field. When a client comes to me, we walk through this process together. We take a look at their emotional triggers and patterns and how they play out again and again in their lives.

Jessica: I’ve definitely experienced that myself. Up until a couple of years ago, I was working in the corporate world. I kept running into the same bad bosses, and power mongers, over and over. Is that what you mean?

Autumn: Exactly. Most people recognize certain repeated patterns in their lives. But I can actually see them. For instance, I can look at your energy silhouette. It’s like a black outline of your body. I might see a particular organ light up. Sometimes I see a color that indicates inflammation, pain, a negative attachment, or need for nutritional support. There’s usually a feeling and an age associated with it. For example, I can sense disgust at age 25 in your spleen. If this were a session, we would pause and discuss memories from that time period. Once we’d identified a strong memory or pattern, I would clear that from your energy field. Ultimately, the goal is to release any negativity that is stuck and move forward. It’s like freeing up space on a hard drive. If you clear out the stuff you don’t need anymore, you clear space for new, more positive things to come into your experience.

Jessica: I’m reminded of a famous Einstein quote that says, “We can’t solve our problems from the same level of consciousness that created them”. As a world, we have all these problems we need to solve, but we have to shift our consciousness to do that. How does this relate to what you do?

Autumn: Collectively, we do have a lot to sort out. All of our systems need to evolve. And the same is true for us as individuals. It’s time for the next generation version of ourselves and shifting our energy is one way to do that. It’s as though we are currently in one reality – 3D – the one we’ve been spinning in for awhile. And where we want to go is 5D – a reality of love, creativity and collaboration. But we have to pass through 4D – that’s the bridge. And lots of people are scared of bridges! It represents the emotional work we have to do to evolve. 

Jessica: Wow. I’m so curious. What does 5D – a reality of love, creativity, and collaboration look like? It sounds lovely!

Autumn: Well, just waking up is a miracle. Hearing the birds and having your morning tea are gorgeous moments. We aren’t rushed. We know we’re safe. We collaborate and innovate. We share. There’s enough for everyone. We all know what our gifts are and we use them in service to our communities. We recognize the incredible beauty and bounty of the Earth we live on.

Jessica: That sounds utopic. How do we get there? Where’s the bridge?

Autumn: The bridge exists. All are welcome. There are no stipulations. But it takes work. It takes introspection, reflection, owning your emotional responses, realizing you will continue to encounter the same relationship problems, financial problems, or career problems, until you shift and release the stuck patterns inside you. True healing and wholeness is about having a clear energy field, which then translates into your physical health and vitality.

Jessica: Do you have a lot of takers? I mean, in our quick fix world, what’s in it for people who choose to do the work?

Autumn: Everything. Health, happiness, fulfillment, laughter, joy, beauty. We are talking about working on the soul level. When you do that kind of work, the benefits follow you wherever you go. And we are not as scary as we think we are. It’s all okay. Whatever has happened, whatever you think you’ve done or said that’s so horrible, it’s okay! We are here for the human experience. And this is it! We are messy. Life is messy.

Jessica: Oh thank god! Or goddess! Thank you for saying that. We often feel like there is something that we might find out about ourselves, that will prove once and for all how horrible we are.

Autumn: Oh no! It’s the opposite. We are all deserving of love and happiness. All of us. No exceptions. But we have to give ourselves permission to receive the love, happiness and success that we want and deserve. And we do that by looking ourselves in the mirror and seeing the whole picture. This is how we get across the bridge. We have to give ourselves what we want most from others, whether that is love, validation, forgiveness, freedom….

Jessica: Autumn! I’m so energized. What a beautiful soul you are. Thank you so much for spending time with me today and sharing your wisdom.

Please visit Autumn at

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