Emotions and the Physical Body

An emotional trigger can be one of the main reasons for a reoccurring symptom, chronic pain, a plateau in healing, or just an overall toxic feeling.

I specialize in Emotional Release in my practice because I feel this is above all the most important piece in true healing and health. I have had several clients stop progressing in their healing process due to the fact that they felt “unworthy” of getting better. They were subconsciously sabotaging their health because of an emotional blockage. Once the blockage was addressed, their healing continued.

Happiness is the highest form of health.

dalai lama

Physiologically speaking, emotions are caused by neuropeptides, which are released by different organs. For example, anger comes from the liver. Grief comes from the lung. Fear is from the kidneys.

So what happens overtime is that you get these clusters of neuropeptides that build up, and actually hinder the function of the organ. The ability of your organs function will decrease, resulting in physical symptoms in the body.

We learn these negative thought patterns as children, from our parents, or other influential people in our lives (good or bad). Often times, these thought patterns are even inherited in the womb, or passed down through the DNA. Then of course, add any trauma we may have experienced and conditioning from family, friends, society, etc., and it is no surprise to see how our emotional state becomes sculpted from one of love to one of fear.

Our life is merely a reflection of our inner state of being. Positive thoughts help to create positive experiences, where as negative thought patterns create negative experiences. Unfortunately, we are human, and we will always have human tendencies. We will never be perfect no matter how hard we try. However, the good news is that we can start to get a handle on our emotions, and start correcting the patterns that are not serving our highest good.

Here are some common issues to think about:

Bladder and kidney problems relate to fear and holding on to the past, holding on to anger (being “pissed off”).

Digestive issues relate to fear, strong beliefs of not being good enough, something “eating” at you.

Breast problems (cysts, lumps, soreness, mastitis) often relate to a refusal to nourish the self. Putting everyone else first. Over mothering, overprotecting, overbearing attitudes. (I personally suffered from mastitis chronically while nursing my children! Once I learned the emotional cause of it, I never had it again!)

There is no person in the entire world that is immune to toxic emotions. It is crucial to your well being that you seek out the help you need in order to reverse the detrimental effects our emotions can have on us. Sometimes traditional counseling just isn’t enough to truly get to the root of the pattern.

This is where energetic release and healing can help. First, we identify exactly what the emotion is, where it is coming from currently, and when your body originally felt it. Then we clear it from your body, helping connect the dots, and giving you a new perspective as to how it was effecting you and what it was trying to teach you.

Once we have an understanding, we can move on, releasing the toxicity that we were holding on to.

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