Free 5-Day Detox Challenge

Feeling burnt out and “…blah”? Let’s get you out of that funk and bring back some motivation with my free 5-Day Detox Challenge!

I’ll provide the meal plan, grocery list, recipes and guide. All you have to do is show up and make the commitment!

Let me ask you something…

  • Do you or have you eaten processed foods?
  • Do you eat non-organic fruits and vegetables?
  • Do you eat meat that is not organic?
  • Do you or have you ever used artificial sweeteners?
  • Do you dink soda?
  • Do the foods you eat have preservatives, additives, dyes, or sweeteners added?
  • Do you eat fast foods and/or eat out regularly?
  • Do you charbroil or grill foods?
  • Do you drink coffee regularly?
  • Do you drink alcohol?
  • Do you drink tap water?

If the majority of your answers are “yes”, then it is likely that your diet contributes significantly to your toxic load. Beyond diet, many external toxins such as personal care products, household cleaners, and pollution add to your load.

Curious what your toxic load is? Take my free toxicity quiz to find out!

You deserve to feel good again. Your body will thank you!

What’s Included?

  • Challenge Guide
  • Meal Plan & Recipes
  • Shopping List
  • Awesome Resources
  • And a chance to win a bad ass giveaway (worth over $1,300!… seriously!)

Let’s do this! Registration opens February 17th & the Free 5-Day Detox Challenge starts March 1st!


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