A Soul Worth Knowing

People say where we are wounded is our greatest ability to help others heal. My deepest wound has always been that I never felt understood, however, because of this I’ve been given the gift of truly seeing a person’s soul. I see them, I feel them, I understand why they do the things they do. I may not always agree, but I understand.

I don’t often see people. I see wounds. I see masks. I see layer upon layer of conditioning and actions seeking approval. I see hurt and desire, I see resentment and guilt, I see shame and fears of unworthiness. Yet through all of that, what I see most is a deep yearning to love and be loved. To connect in the most intimate ways imaginable. I have the rare luxury of seeing someone for all that they are, not just the fragmented interpretation that we perceive to be reality.

However, seeing through the illusions can be a double edged sword. You forget that not everyone feels the same way as you. Not everyone has a burning urge to feel the soul of another… to look into their eyes and see what pains them. No… not everyone. Not even most. And so, what about the seer who so desperately wants to be seen?

There will be a select few who’ve earned their way into your shadowy trenches. Ones who you’ll sit with until dawn, as they wipe away your tears reminding you that you, yes you, are also worthy of such adoration. They’ll remind you, if only for a fleeting moment, that your soul too, is beautiful and one worth knowing.

Your glow, your spark, the things that make you tick, the way you curse out loud or smile at a stranger. Magnificent. Perfection. Beauty and chaos. What a perfect storm you are. A storm of thunder who roars to be heard. Tears that stream down your cheeks like rainfall as you weep with despair over your humanness. The lightning that inspires your heart to seek passion. The whirlwind of thoughts that keep you up at night. The ray of sun that shines through the infinite depth within your eyes that illuminates hope, mirroring back all that is right in this world.

You my love… you are indeed a soul worth knowing.



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