Are Your Symptoms Caused by Toxic Overload?

Did you know that your body will store toxins when it can’t eliminate them? This is how blood toxicity and toxic overload end up in the lymphatic system.

If you are suffering from chronic symptoms, your body might be overwhelmed with toxins!

Common Symptoms of Toxic Overload

🚩 Headaches – neurological inflammation, liver congestion, emotional stress
🚩 High cholesterol – liver congestion, refined carbohydrates/sugar
🚩 High blood pressure – “clogged filters”, heart has to work harder, stress
🚩 Weight concerns – toxicity, emotional concerns (“protection”), hormonal imbalances
🚩 Food cravings – starving for nutrition, liver dysfunction
🚩 Skin conditions – toxicity, gallbladder issues, pathogens, metals
🚩 Hormonal imbalances – liver congestion, nutritional deficiencies, HPA/O dysfunction, emotional concerns (masculine/feminine)
🚩 Mood struggles – liver congestion, weak adrenals, neurological inflammation, emotional stress, subconscious/unconscious beliefs
🚩 Digestive trouble – toxins, inflammation, liver/gallbladder congestion, pathogens, emotional stress
🚩 Pain & inflammation – toxicity, poor diet, liver/lymphatic congestion, adrenal dysfunction (prostaglandins), neurological inflammation, nutritional deficiencies, emotional stress
🚩 Fatigue – toxicity, emotional stress, poor adrenal function, nutritional deficiencies, chronic infection
🚩 Low libido – liver congestion, HPA/O dysfunction, emotional stress
🚩 Poor sleep quality – toxicity, neurotoxins, emotional stress, adrenal/thyroid dysfunction
🚩 Memory & concentration issues – toxicity, neurological inflammation

Have you ever actually stopped to consider just how many chemicals you are exposed to on a daily basis?

The average woman is exposed to well over 200 chemicals in just her daily hygiene and make up routine! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! That is insane!

Now, for the sake of conversation, let’s add in:

  • Medications
  • Cleaning products
  • Pesticides around the home
  • Sitting in traffic
  • Toxins in food ( 80,000+ chemicals approved by the FDA, hormones, antibiotics, etc.)
  • Hobbies with chemical exposures (swimming, golf, metal work, dyes, fumes, etc.)
    and of course, don’t forget about…
  • Bodily toxins such as viruses, bacteria, yeast, heavy metals, and just plain old cellular debris and metabolic waste.

You can see that it is impossible to avoid toxins, and this is why our daily habits matter so much!

Our poor overworked and unappreciated liver. It has over 1,000 functions in the body and yet, we just beat it up every single day. And then we have the audacity to get mad at our body when it doesn’t want to work properly! DUH! It’s tired of being assaulted!

So What Can We Do?

  • Always think of nutrition FIRST. Food is medicine!
  • Try to leave medications as an absolute last resort option.
  • Choose clean beauty products – and I mean, like REALLY clean, or better yet – make your own!
  • Stop using RoundUp and other herbacide/pesticides. Look for natural alternatives.
  • Choose local and organic food as much as possible.
  • Address underlying chronic infections (that you may or may not be aware of).
  • Choose non-toxic cookware.
  • Be mindful of your toxic exposure and take necessary precautions.

I know this can sound overwhelming, but remember, you don’t have to do this alone! Myself and many other holistic providers are educated in these areas and passionate about helping you live your best life possible.

A simple place to start is to understand that the lymphatic system relies solely on water and movement to keep things circulating.

In addition to daily movement, one of the BEST habits for your health is to start the day with 16 oz. of lemon water first thing in the morning (half of a lemon per 16oz.) This will help flush toxins.

The lymphatics don’t have a pump, like how our heart pumps our blood through our body, so it is entirely up to us to ensure that things are moving around. Otherwise, our lymphatics can get really stagnant and backed up (think of a dirty swamp), which can therefore cause cardiovascular issues, forcing the heart to pump harder, trying to push the blood through the body.

PS – schedule yourself a massage because they aren’t just about relaxation, they also stimulate the circulation of the blood & lymph, they help strengthen the immune system, assist in eliminating toxins, and help eliminate cellulite (because cellulite is really just little pockets of toxins).

What have you done to love your body lately?

Take my free toxicity questionnaire to find out your toxic load!

If you would like help prioritizing your health and taking care of your body holistically, I would love to help you! Let’s set up a free consult to get started!


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