Shadow Work is Where the Love is Needed Most

To have a shadow means there is light being blocked. Shadow work is about finding out what needs to be acknowledged so the light can shine through.

You’re not broken.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you.

The shadow side of the self was created to try to protect you when you didn’t know any other way. Unfortunately, it was created from a wounded place. It is not anything to be feared or ashamed of. It is something within all of us that is asking to be nurtured.

What if we were able to stop rejecting ourselves and started to love ourselves instead? What do you think would happen then?

We learn to reject ourselves by not having our needs met as children or young adults; not feeling validated, heard, seen, or loved.

Then, as adults, we continue this pattern by choosing relationships that reinforce that feeling of rejection – or we continue to reject ourselves – because it’s familiar. It’s what feels comfortable because feeling loved, accepted and appreciated isn’t something we have a reference for, therefore, it feels uncomfortable.

Even if you’re surrounded by people who think you’re amazing, it won’t matter. You’ll still feel rejected until you learn to love and accept yourself.

What could rejecting yourself look like?

  • Putting everyone else’s needs before your own
  • Feeling like you have no support
  • Poor nutritional and/or sleep habits
  • Using drugs and alcohol to numb yourself
  • Keeping yourself busy and distracted (also a numbing technique)
  • Criticizing yourself
  • Never feeling like you’ve accomplished enough

And the list goes on…

Does this sound familiar to you?

Now is the time to see those younger, wounded parts of you. Hold them, love them unconditionally, and show them there is another way!

Often, we need to remind those younger parts that they are safe now. They can rest now because WE are here. We (the adult self) are here to protect, nurture, and tend to their needs.

Are you ready to embrace your shadow side?

Intuitive Counseling can help you identify what subconscious & unconscious beliefs you’re holding on to that are causing resistance in your life.

It’s a lot to process, I know. But I invite you to sit with this today and see where it goes.

I’m here if you need me ❤

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Take good care,


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