7 Steps for Clearing Limiting Beliefs

Clearing limiting beliefs is the key to ultimate success and happiness in life. Let’s explore what exactly limiting beliefs are, how they could be holding you back, and what to do about them!

Limiting beliefs are false ideas that one has taken on as truth, therefore creating life around these “rules”. One example could be, “I’ll never be happy”, or an even more common one I see in my practice, “I don’t deserve to be happy.”

When one holds this belief (often subconsciously) your actions will perpetuate this belief without you even realizing it. This could look like not going after a job you really want, staying in (or continuing to choose) unhealthy friendships and/or partners, or other self sabotaging behaviors such as a poor diet and lack of self-care.

Limiting beliefs can originate from childhood, trauma, societal or generational conditioning, and more.

Just for a moment, can you imagine how different your life would be if you didn’t have any self-limiting beliefs? You would be unstoppable!

If nothing negative existed to hold you back, your abilities and natural talents would automatically become even stronger because your mind would only be focused on the good. We seem to live completely backwards (in so many ways). Ideally, we would be creating a life around our natural talent and skills – this is what you were designed to share with this world! Instead, most people create a life around their limiting beliefs, never really knowing what they are truly capable of.

How to Start Choosing Differently

  1. Awareness of the Belief
    First, you have to become aware of the beliefs you hold. It isn’t always obvious because a lot of limiting beliefs are subconscious. Start by examining your thoughts and try to catch yourself when you think something negative.
  2. Willingness to Acknowledge Your Belief as a Belief, and Not the Truth
    Once you have identified a limiting belief, acknowledge it for what it is – a belief. These beliefs were created from a wounded place, and a place of survival. They are not the Ultimate Truth, therefore, beliefs can change based on whatever you choose to program your subconscious mind to believe.
  3. Willingness to Let Go of the Belief
    After acknowledging that it is simply a belief, embrace the potential that things could be different… if you want them to be. Start focusing on your desired outcome, rather than the limiting belief. What would it feel like to be/do/have (insert desire). What would it look like? Focus on the emotion of happiness, excitement, and gratitude for receiving this desire.
  4. Willingness to Feel and Release Associated Emotions
    If you’re emotionally charged about past experiences, you will attract similar experiences (or emotions) into your life. You must be willing to release the belief. Some may think, “it’s too hard, it’s too deep, it’s too painful,” etc. This way of thinking actually keeps you stuck in that energy, because you are saying that you are not even willing to entertain the idea of a new possibility. Start by saying, “I am open and willing to a new possibility”. Just that affirmation alone will start the energetic release.
  5. Acceptance of the Responsibility for Creating Your Own Reality and Not Being a Victim
    Let the present be the only reality upon which you are building your future. After all, the present is the only thing you are working with. When you consciously make the decision that you have so much more power than you have ever allowed yourself to believe, you will gain access to unlimited potential.
  6. The Ability to Imagine an Unlimited Healthy Alternative to the Belief
    Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” To break any cycle, you have to shake things up. Step out of the usual routine, the usual way of thinking and doing things, and allow a new opportunity to come to you. On a psychic level, when mental patterns have been active for a long time, there is almost an impenetrable psychic wall that surrounds a person, preventing new positive experiences. So, you have to step out of your comfort zone to start breaking down the barriers. This could look like speaking up for yourself, asking for what you need, changing something in your diet, doing something you’ve been putting off, cleaning and organizing, or even taking a new way home.
  7. A Method for Releasing the Old Belief.
    Lastly, you’ll need a method to help release the limiting belief from your energy. Some examples could include:

    Meditating – I love the Insight Timer app!

    Journaling – one of the absolute best ways to clear out your thoughts! You can read this blog to learn why I love it and check out 25+ prompts to get you started!

    Psychic Breathing – going outdoors, breathing in the fresh air, feeling the presence of God/Source/Creator cleansing and renewing your energy. As you breathe in the breath of life, know that it is affecting your body, and in turn, the patterns in your mind, dissolving the old limiting beliefs, and creating new positive ones.

    Incense Burning – burning incense consistently for a few days will help dissolve psychic thought forms lingering in your environment. These thought forms are associated with past thought patterns (either of your own or other people who have been in your home) that are constantly influencing your auric field, and in turn, your mind. Incense, white sage, and Palo Santo are all great options. *Be sure to have a window open for air flow.

    White Light Protection – many people who you come in contact with can have an influence on you, triggering old wounds and thought patterns. In this case, visualizing and projecting a white protective aura of light around your body can be helpful. You can also send this white light of protection to the other person as well, to support their own healing.

    Positive Thought Programming – practicing positive affirmations truly does work! For those who may be skeptical, I want you to think about this: You know for a fact that being in an emotionally abusive relationship or growing up with critical parents will take a toll on your self-esteem and sculpt your inner-voice. Why is that? Because the subconscious mind is programmed to believe what it hears. So, what if instead, you programmed it to believe healthy ideas and patterns? That is the magic of positive affirmations! Not only that, but remember, everything is energy – and that includes words too. Spoken words are even more powerful because they carry a vibration… forever. And we all know, what you put out, you get back.

    Transformational Counseling – you know this is what I live for! Let’s book a session to see just what your subconscious mind would like you to acknowledge! You can learn more about Transformational Counseling here!

    Shadow Work – limiting beliefs are your shadow! If you’re ready to start your Shadow Work journey, you might be interested in my *instant access* Intro to Shadow Work workshop!

Getting Out of Your Own Way

Here’s a starting place to help you open up and release whatever it is that you may be holding on to:

“I acknowledge that there is a part of me that may step in front of my highest and best good when I attempt to do things. I understand that this part of myself is a false idea of who I think I really am, created by external factors and experiences over a period of time. I know that what gets in my way are outwardly conditioned beliefs that include fear, low self-esteem, a sense of failure, jealousy, anger, guilt, shame, and many more.

I know that within me, exists the Truest form of myself, my soul, which is one with God* (*or your preferred term). I release all negative energy of my false sense of self to the Healing Light of God’s* presence within me, to be dissolved entirely and immediately.

I see my false sense of self as a grey shadow, disengaging from my physical body, leaving my body filled with the Light of God’s* presence.

Through my daily practice of mediation and/or visualization, I establish and maintain a oneness with my True Self, providing a clearer path forward in creating the life I truly desire.

For all of this, and something even better, I give thanks, I let it be, and so it is.”

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