Rev. Autumn Smith, FNTP


Hi, I’m Rev. Autumn! I am a Metaphysical Minister and Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner with 18 years of experience in holistic health and healing.

I started my career working in a chiropractic office, assisting with patient protocols through intuitive guidance, energetic testing, muscle testing, and mentored in functional nutrition, herbs and homeopathy.

In 2008, I co-developed a quantum muscle testing technique called Morphogenic Field Technique, which has now been taught nationally to thousands of healthcare providers.

I graduated as a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP) in 2009 and started my own nutritional and intuitive healing practice.

I am is currently in the process of earning my Doctoral degree in Theocentric Psychology, and in addition to my formal training, I hold over 1,800 hours of continuing education in holistic health, functional nutrition, intuitive and energetic healing, psychic healing, and metaphysical science.

I’ve worked with clients internationally, providing support with my ministerial work through private and group counseling, as well as nutritional therapy services, both in person and long-distance.


For 18 years my passion has been helping others become the healthiest, happiest version of themselves, by guiding them towards their own inner healer and authority. I feel that, as a society, we have been so conditioned that it has become extremely difficult to hear our own inner-voice anymore. This is why my intention is to support you in reconnecting with your True Self – the one True Consciousness – and help you in remembering all that you ever were and have yet to become, by gently guiding you towards alignment within your physical, emotional and energetic body.


I have been empathic and highly intuitive my whole life. My earliest conscious memory of being able to feel the energy around me was at the age of 5.

Growing up, I had some rough teenage years, choosing many unhealthy outlets as my coping skills of choice – which now I understand were really just my way of numbing myself from feeling so deeply.

I have had my own emotional and physical health challenges ranging from traumatic experiences, near death experience, PTSD, depression, anxiety, MTHFR, Epstein Barr, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, hyper/hypothyroid, chronic kidney & bladder issues, chronic pancreatitis, and chronic pain & inflammation. So when I say I am in it with you – I am in it.

I became a mother when I was 15 years old (which honestly saved my life). My second child is autistic, my third has Kawasaki Disease, and I lost my fourth, our daughter Hope, in the 5th month of my pregnancy.

In 2016, the loss of my daughter changed me forever. I often say that her death was my birth because I was given another chance at life – but from a completely new perspective. During my surgery after her birth, I had a near death experience and I was given a choice of whether or not I was going to stay on Earth. I didn’t realize that choosing to stay would mean the death of everything that I knew.

After that experience, I felt like a stranger in my body living someone else’s life. I spent the next several years trying to fit into my old life, my old relationships, and my old way of practicing… but nothing ever really quite felt right. I grieved those old parts of me, the person I used to be, the friendships I had, my career that I once loved and worked so hard to build.

When I finally started to accept that I was never going to be that person again, I leaned into who I was (un)becoming, and started listening to her instead of resenting her.

Naturally, the people in my life could feel this too. I wasn’t the person they always knew, and the relationships weren’t the same.

I had boundaries. I had a fire fueling my drive. I had a desire to create life, rather than stand by and let life happen to me. I was done being what everyone else wanted me to be. I was ready to fearlessly align with who I was and use the new gifts that had been given to me.

Previously, being empathic and intuitive, I could feel the energy and emotions of others, so I had already incorporated some of these healing modalities into my practice – this wasn’t anything new. What was new, however, was that now not only was I feeling their energy and emotions, I was becoming submerged into their subconscious. I was seeing their memories and pinpointing exactly what they felt, why, and where it came from. I was able to feel and see things I never could have imagined.

It took me 3 years just to even begin to process what was happening to me. Within the unravelling, I lost relationships I thought I’d have forever. I (90%) walked away from my successful nutritional practice of 10 years and took a 9-5 job for 18 months that had absolutely nothing to do with healing or healthcare, which allowed me to get real clear on what I wanted.

It took nearly every single thing to be stripped away, leaving me with nothing but who I was at my core to even remotely begin to understand why this had all happened – for me – not to me.

As much as I felt completely lost most of the time, I also knew I was exactly where I needed to be at every moment of the process.

I have learned many lessons over the years, at times, excruciating… but I believe in finding a way to love all of the parts of our story. Diving deep and becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable is the thing that has not only saved me, but helped me discover who I really am and what I’m here to do.

Holding on to everything I knew and thought I wanted – by clinging on to the old version of myself – I was actually holding myself back from living the life I didn’t think I was worthy of. I was asked to completely surrender (and yes, I was absolutely kicking and screaming at times).

In my opinion, healing is about leaning into the hard times – the lessons, the heartache, and the fuckery. The healing is in the process of transformation – the alchemy of our lives.

In order to fully heal, you must be willing to go through the darkness, by feeling everything there is to feel. We can not heal what we refuse to acknowledge. What we resist, persists, and only drives deeper into our soul.

Life is weird. And hard. And sad… but also incredible when we let it be.

Today, I am honored to use my gifts as a Metaphysical Minister and Functional Nutritional Therapist to teach and support others in their own healing journey.

I encourage you to take a look around, and please feel free to reach out with any questions!

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Healing is messy. It is not linear. It is not always kind, beautiful, or graceful. It can be relentless, tragic…and utter chaos