About the Workshop

MAY 22ND, 10:00 A.M. – 1:00 P.M.

This workshop was created to help you strengthen your inner guidance and support you in becoming your own authority and to help you reconnect with your authentic self!

Can you even imagine living life according to your own desires and what feels right in your soul? Amazing right?!

What you’ll learn:

  • What it means to become your own authority and how to make it happen
  • What it means to begin consciously co-creating the life you desire and how to recognize where you are living unconsciously
  • How to reconnect with your intuition
  • How to recognize your own truth vs. limited beliefs within your body
  • How to connect deeper with your authentic self

If you find yourself:

Having a hard time asking for what you need…

Wanting to become more confident in your decision making and life choices…

Wanting to discover where you may be holding yourself back…

Wanting to connect with who you truly are…

This workshop is definitely for you!

Registration ends May 20th!

Registration fee: $77 (payment assistance is available if needed! Contact me for details!)


And so much more!

What are others saying about this workshop?

Your work is absolutely incredible! I appreciate how you provide such a safe and open space for others to grow and learn. The tools you provided made it so easy to comprehend and made me actually want to do the work. You held my attention throughout the entire class. I also love that whether or not a person has their own spiritual practice, you provide an open and loving environment that anyone can benefit from. I am so thankful for all that you do, you truly are a light in this world!

This class was absolutely 10/10! I loved the openness and thought provoking conversations. The information was so relevant! I am in a place where I need to refocus my energy and reclaim what I want for my life, and this class provided me exactly what I was needing!

I thoroughly enjoyed this experience! I loved the open space and nonjudgmental place where I felt safe to ask questions and explore deeper. I wish everyone I knew would take this class! We all need to work on ourselves and create a safe space to do so!

I loved how I was actually able to connect in with myself for once! The information provided was deeply needed and so well put together and delivered. I can’t wait for the next class!

Amazing experience! I loved the warm, inviting energy, and how nicely the class was structured! It was such a great opportunity for me to go deeper and really think and feel into how I was truly feeling. It was very clear how much thought and care Autumn not only puts into her work, but into each and every person as well. I am really looking forward to taking the tools I have learned and using it to guide me towards my best self!

FANTASTIC CLASS! I really appreciated how Autumn was so relatable and how safe I felt within her presence. She is phenomenal at holding space for others. One of my favorite activities was practicing strengthening my intuition, as I am always looking to deepen my connection. I loved hearing the stories from others, and really being able to connect with each person. Autumn, thank you so much for bringing your wisdom, presence and teachings!

I had no idea just how much I needed this class! I am working on intentionality, mindfulness and getting in touch with what I want from my life, and this was exactly what I needed! I loved connecting with others and hearing about their struggles and journey. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who is interested in connecting with themselves more!