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The Problem With Allergy Testing…

I do a lot of FIT Tests in my practice which test for the histamine response in the body to 132 different foods. In addition to the test, I also provide a personalized report with your results that include pathogens and metal responses from your body. The goal is to identify the TRUE cause of your allergic response. Simply avoiding the foods that you show reactive to isn’t benefiting your health, it’s just turning off the fire alarm while the fire still burns. Continue reading “The Problem With Allergy Testing…”

Your Trauma Has a Right to Be Healed


When I saw this quote, every cell in my body was like, “YAAAAASSSSSSSSS! Praise Jesus, hallelujah!”

Read the top line again – YOUR TRAUMA IS VALID!

I was CONSTANTLY judging MYSELF because I knew other’s who had suffered worse. My heart feels so deeply for this world, how could I even compare my struggles to the REAL tragedies that are happening everyday?

Continue reading “Your Trauma Has a Right to Be Healed”