Interview: What is Emotional & Intuitive Healing?

Q & A with Autumn Smith, an Emotional Declutterer and Intuitive Healer

By Jessica Morea Irvine

Cleaning out your emotional space is a lot like cleaning out your physical space. You have to open your cupboards, see what’s there, and decide if it still brings you joy or if it’s simply taking up space. And just like Marie Kondo focuses on cleaning up our physical spaces, Autumn Smith focuses on decluttering our energetic spaces. Autumn recalls that her intuitive gifts began as a “loud voice” that would warn her of impending danger. She also remembered feeling emotionally overwhelmed as a young child, which she realizes now she was feeling all of the emotions of the other people around her. Today, they have evolved into a full fledged ability to see what is cluttering a person’s energy field, draining them of joy and vital energy, and sometimes causing illness and disease. Today, we get to talk with Autumn about how this all works and why it’s so urgently needed.

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How I Took Back My Power, and Gained Control of My Health in 4 Steps

Oh where to begin…

My health has been a bit of a roller coaster I guess you could say, for the last 8 months or so (well actually a lot longer – but increasingly so recently).

It started when I lost our daughter in the 5th month of my pregnancy. Delivering her so early in my pregnancy caused the placenta to retain since biologically, it was not ready to detach. This called for emergency surgery. Continue reading “How I Took Back My Power, and Gained Control of My Health in 4 Steps”