How Can a Session Help You?

The only requirement is an open mind. Our approach to healing is all about being willing to hear the messages that are coming from your body. Often this involves looking at your deepest, darkest parts and saying to yourself, “I am ready. I am ready to heal. I am ready to look at the scary parts that I’ve hidden for so long. I am even willing to look at the parts that I didn’t realize existed. Now is the time to release this burden I have been carrying with me.”

Not only is healing about releasing, it is just as much about embracing your truest self – your very own design. What makes you, YOU? Do you even know? Are you living your most “you-est” life, or are have you been conditioned to believe you should be something else? Many of us are shocked to learn that we have actually been living a life that is so against who we are truly meant to be! Learning who we are is of the utmost importance for optimal health and happiness!

Whatever this means to you; maybe it’s a battle you’ve been fighting with your health, emotional wounds, self esteem issues, or just all around general health and wellness. It’s never easy and it’s always scary. When something has been your normal for so long, it’s hard to imagine what life could possibly look like outside of those limiting beliefs we’ve placed upon ourselves, or that we have been conditioned to believe as our truth.

If you’re here though, I bet you’re a little like me in that you don’t exactly know what the potential is, but you feel in your soul there just has to be something more to life than what you’re experiencing right now.

I remember waking up one day and saying out loud, “This can NOT be it.” I didn’t know what I believed, or who I believed in, all I knew was that I was not meant to go the rest of my life feeling like I did. And that is where my journey began. I started ripping down wall after wall, layer after layer of uncomfortable truths. This was not an overnight or pleasant process. This took years…and I am still and forever will be on this healing journey. We are never done. We only level-up.

Through the chaos, the uncomfortable, the unknown…this is where we find the truth. Our truth.

We each have two choices: Lie to ourselves through false stories we’ve accepted and settle for less than our best life – or – break through our conditioning and self imposed limitations to reach our full potential. Sounds scary as fuck right? Yeah I know, I feel you. But don’t worry – together, we got this.

So fall. Fall apart. Let the walls come crumbling down. From the wreckage of what once was, will rise something more beautiful than you could have ever imagined.

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Sessions are $125 and typically last about an hour.

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