Intuitive Healing & Spirit

I use a combination of my connection to the spirit world, intuitive abilities, as well as my training as a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and my 15 years of clinical experience to assist in readings. During a session, we receive many different kinds of messages ranging from physical health, emotional, energetic and spiritual needs, as well as messages from loved ones and guides.

I do what I call, Soul Work. My focus is all about redefining health and deconditioning ourselves from the lies that we’ve been told by society, and clearing the generational trauma that has been passed down to us. From the food we eat to the thoughts we think, my goal is to help you identify what YOUR truth is – to help you remember who you came here to be.

My intuitive healing information comes through different colors and symbols as well as emotions and feelings within my body. When looking at a physical body, whether it be in person or in my mind, I see my client as a silhouette. I see a shadow or an outline, and then different areas in their body will start to light up. ⠀

Red often indicates inflammation or pain. Purple indicates grief, sadness or trauma. Yellow can show up when someone is needing dietary support, nourishment or nurturing of some sort. I see blue when something needs to be brought to attention, spoken, or circulation issues, and I see energetic blockages, attachments and general “negativity” as black. ⠀

It’s important to understand that colors and symbols are very unique to the reader. Not all colors will represent the same thing to every person. In addition to seeing colors within a body, I also feel emotions and personalities from both people and spirits. Often I will pick up on situations at specific ages for my clients that deeply impacted them. We will then acknowledge the situation, discuss how this may have impacted their growth, and then energetically clear the trigger from their body. Obviously, this isn’t a “quick fix”, and I certainly do not claim to heal anything, however the key is in identifying these active triggers, understanding where they came from, how they have sculpted us, and then consciously choosing to heal them.

As with any psychic or intuitive healer, no one person is ever able to see everything. Every healer has their own unique abilities that set them apart from the rest. You could say that for Intuitive Healers, looking at a person’s energy is a lot like looking into a doll house. Each healer would see something different depending on where they were standing. One might be looking through a window into the kitchen; another might see the living room; perhaps the third may see a bedroom. Each healer has a special window that only they get to look through.

Disclaimer: Any form of energy work (i.e. intuitive readings) are in no way to be mistaken for a diagnosis or medical treatment of any kind. If you feel you have health concerns, you should contact a licensed health care provider. Please read the full disclaimer at the bottom of the page.