Let’s Work Together

Hi, I’m Autumn! My areas of expertise include:

  • Authenticity
  • Self-Worth
  • Shadow Work
  • Soul Alignment
  • Building Conscious Relationships
  • Nutritional Therapy
  • Natural Healing


Where would you like to start?

Let’s find the right starting place for you! I offer a wide range of options, so there’s definitely something for everyone here! Below you’ll find a description of each type of session and service currently available. More programs and services are in the works, so keep checking back!

Soul Session

During a Soul Session we explore the hidden parts of the body, mind and soul to identify what would like to be brought to the surface. Choose from an individual session or a package.

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Intro to Whole Health Program

This is a great program for anyone who would like to feel more confident in their journey towards greater health. This program includes:

  • A 6-Module Holistic Health Course (over 10 hours of video content)
  • Intro to Whole Health Workbook
  • 30-Day Mindset Workbook
  • Customized Recipe Books
  • 1 Soul Session
  • Members-Only Access

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30-Day Whole Body Reset Program

Two programs in one! The 30-Day Whole Body Reset is a whole body & mind detox. This program includes:

  • An Initial 30 Minute Consultation
  • 30-Day Whole Body Reset Workbook
  • 30-Day Mindset Workbook
  • Access to the Intro to Whole Health Program
  • Exclusive Video Content
  • Practitioner Support
  • 1 Soul Session
  • Standard Process 21-Day Purification Program
  • Customized Recipe Books
  • Shopping List
  • Awesome Resources
  • Members-Only Access

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3-Month Wellness Program

This program is designed to support the physical needs of the body. This program includes:

  • Three 30-minute sessions over the course of three months
  • Education on a holistic diet and lifestyle
  • Cellular energetic testing & intuitive body scans
  • Practitioner support
  • Intro to Whole Health Program (6-week online course)
  • Custom Recipe Book
  • Helpful resources
  • Before and after evaluations
  • OptionalΒ customized nutritional supplement support*
  • Access to our private Facebook Group
  • Unlimited private HIPAA compliant direct messaging

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Customized Meal Plans & Recipe Books

Switching over to a healthier way of eating can be overwhelming at first! And who else is tired of trying Pinterest recipes that don’t turn out? Well, no worries because I’ve got you covered! All of my recipes for my meal plans have been taste tested and approved!

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Purchase Supplements

Do you want to support your body with natural supplements and herbs? It can be challenging when you walk into a health food store and see shelves full of options. Where do you even start? I am happy to help you choose the right supplement for your body! Feel free to browse my online store where I proudly partner with Standard Process & MediHerb to provide my clients high-quality professional products. Be sure to also check out Fullscript, where you can order professional-grade supplements from many different brands! Let me know if you need a recommendation!

Free Resources

Be sure to take advantage of all my free resources! We have lots of great recipes and tools for your to utilize.

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My work with Autumn has completely transformed my life. I think back to where I was a year ago and I don’t even recognize that person anymore. I never thought I could feel this way.”

– Holly

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