The Ultimate Healthy Holiday Cookbook

Holidays can be stressful enough, but there is no need to sacrifice healthy eating too! The Ultimate Healthy Holiday Cookbook has over *50* amazing, healthy and delicious recipes! Both vegan and omnivore options, there is sure to be something everyone will love! We are talking drinks, appetizers, sides, main courses and sweet snacks! Can I interest you in some vegan, gluten-free mac and cheese? How about an apple cinnamon scone perhaps? Is that grain-free stuffing?! Why, yes it is… This holiday season you won’t feel like you’re missing out on anything with these tasty recipes! Be sure to check out the Healthy Holiday Sweets & Treats book to complete your holiday meals!

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Healthy Holiday Sweets & Treats Cookbook

You’ll definitely want to save room for dessert when you see these *28* healthy and delicious recipes! Brownies, cookies, truffle bites, fruity goodness! Yes, please! Every recipe is vegan and free of gluten, soy, corn, and cane sugar.

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Holiday Cookbook Bundle

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