E’s Story

My 6 month old daughter fell asleep in my lap like she does so many other evenings. I looked down and noticed she was sweating… a lot! Beads of sweat on her nose and forehead, I assumed she was getting sick and would have a fever.

After touching her face I immediately grabbed the thermometer, she was 96.4. I called the after hours line and was told to dry off the sweat and get her bundled up. If her temp didn’t get to 97.6 in an hour bring her to the E.R. I waited about  10 minutes and took it again. It had dropped to 95.3!

We jumped in the car and immediately went to the hospital. There, they took blood for cultures and gave her inter muscular antibiotics, expecting an infection.

We stayed in the E.R. overnight. Her sweating continued, she was soaking the sheets on the bed, and her temperature stayed low. As soon as she would wake up her temperature would come up to about 97-97.5, but then drop again when she fell asleep.

The next day they continued observation and antibiotics. That night her temperature dropped low again and she was very lethargic. The pediatrician immediately called Seattle Children’s. We were rushed for a lumbar puncture (spinal tap) and then immediately started on a very strong I.V. antibiotic.

The blood culture and lumbar puncture showed nothing. They kept us another two nights for observation. Finally on the 5th day they sent us to Seattle Children’s Hospital. We had chest x-rays, more blood work, a panel of oncologists and infectious disease specialists. Ultimately they sent us home the next day saying, “We can’t find anything, so if she is really sick, she’ll get sicker, not better.”

We started seeing Autumn weekly. She started her on homeopathic drops and liquid nutritional supplements. Each week, Autumn listened to what symptoms we were seeing and what was happening with her health. Autumn was a shining light in a very scary situation.

On the first day we saw her she said, “I am confident we can get this figured out” and she did.

We moved to every other week and continued to see improvement. Finally, her sweating stopped. We booked our next appointment at 4 weeks out. She had a 9 month well check with her pediatrician and everything looked great!

I stopped giving her the supplements from Autumn (not intentionally, just busy and she was doing so well). Then my daughter started sweating again. At first it was only a little bit, but each day that we went without her nutritional supplements she sweat progressively more. I started the supplements again and she was dry- that night!

We are still at monthly appointments with Autumn, but my daughter is a completely different person than she was when she started. She is happy and thriving. Our family is so grateful to Autumn and all she’s done for us!

*Practitioner Note: When she mentions that she had stopped the supplements, and all of her daughter’s symptoms came back, this was because her body was not ready to stop the protocol. She will not have to take her supplements for the rest of her life. We are now at a maintenance level, meaning her protocol has remained pretty consistent over the last few months. We adjust her protocol as needed, and ultimately she will no longer need any or most of the supplements – after her body has fully recovered.