My journey with Autumn has been a life changing experience, even at the ripe old age of 61.

My daughter has been encouraging me to reach out to Autumn for a few years, but I always told myself, I was fine. I couldn’t point what was needed, but something just wasn’t right. I kept pushing back, “maybe next month”, but then, a simple phone call from my dark past, was the trigger that I needed.

I have been happily married to the “second” person, ever in my life, for almost 42 years. I had “ONE” boy in my life, prior to meeting my now husband, all through high school, who I haven’t seen for 43 years. Not too long ago, out of nowhere, an “unknown number” on my cell phone calls – it was him. Blast from my past, informing me that his mom, whom I stayed in contact with over the years, had died.

He wanted to let me know about the service and that it would mean so much to him if I could be by his side. Really!?

He proceeded to tell me that he thinks about me at least once a week, he told me he loved me, started talking about the things we did together back in the day, etc. I started to feel ill, not sick, but disgusted and ashamed, as that simple phone call took me back to that young girl, who gave into a persuasive, controlling and manipulating person. Basically, I gave into what ever he wanted, when ever he wanted it – basically SEX – when in my heart I knew it was wrong and never felt right. I never knew I had been carrying this inside all these years.

I shared the conversation with my husband as I felt that taking the call, not only once, but twice, I was CHEATING on my own spouse! I was truly shaken by this call. My husband then shared with me that he had always felt the entire time we have been together that I was not fully connecting to him, holding something from within, and that something wasn’t right when it came to the intimacy in our life. WOW! What a shock! It was time to reach out to Autumn and see if she could help me find this missing piece of the puzzle.

Of course, this would be the first, ONE on ONE in person session with her, as I had only had a couple of distant readings for nutrition and emotional cleansing. And when she sent the results from those readings, especially for the emotional part, I was blown away! How could she know what I was feeling or had concerns about, while I was driving a few hours away? That was when I became a believer! The fear was gone about sharing with a perfect stranger, such deep thoughts and emotions. She was no longer a stranger, but a healer and my new friend. Someone who cares and wants to help, but only with your permission.

When we met in person, we sat for a while and she simply asked why I was there. Of course, I was so nervous not knowing what we were going to find, the FEAR of the “unveiling” yourself in some way. I said I wasn’t sure, but I shared with her the phone call from my ex boyfriend, how it shook me to the core and my conversation with my husband about his feelings about how this might have a much bigger effect on me and our lives.

She made is so easy to open up about those DARK early years of my womanhood. I just laid it all out, and then she did what she does to find what she needs to help one get to the bottom of it all.

I will not go into the personal details, as I am still processing all that I learned in that session, but my young self who thought she didn’t have a voice, is now standing strong on this earth with my heart open to the most amazing LOVE that I have in my life with my own husband, and the darkness from my ex which was still controlling my body and soul, was removed! I will never forget the feeling of warmth, the bright colors, and the heavy weight lifted off of my body. My emotions so clear, body so free… it’s hard to put into words, other than it has changed my whole life. My husband can see the difference in me, whole heartedly, and is also now one of Autumn’s clients, as this has effected him over the years, with other needs of his own. We are both better for having finally reached out to Autumn for help!

We are ever so grateful that our daughter shared her experience with us and encouraged us to reach out, as this was much more than anyone could possibly imagine – a transformation of some sort, a fresh outlook, a positive moving forward in our lives, together.

Thank you Autumn…