I have been seeing Autumn off an on for about five years now mostly for nutrition, but more regularly this past year. The last few months we have done deeper sessions with emotional and intuitive healing. These sessions have helped me tremendously on my healing journey.

The first time I met Autumn I just knew she would be someone I would have in my life forever. We had so much in common and some similar past experiences, I felt like I had known her my whole life.

She even helped me while I was pregnant. It was amazing! She could tell me exactly what baby needed for development and when. That was very important and so special to me since this was my first baby and she could tell me everything I needed to help support a healthy pregnancy and baby. Shortly after having my daughter (she’s now 4 years old), I noticed a shift in my body, my energy, emotions… everything. I felt like I had a dark cloud hanging over me that I just couldn’t shake and I couldn’t figure out why. Then of course the guilt sets in because here I have this beautiful baby, a precious gift and yet I’m so broken up inside. I didn’t understand WHY??

I started seeing a counselor thinking that was the right path for me and have been seeing her for a little over 3 years now, but still was unable to fully address what was really going on inside. We would touch on things here and there about past relationships, sexual abuse and trauma, but nothing seemed to be getting to the root or how to change it and move forward. I began to feel hopeless, like “will I ever be able to shake this? How do I adjust to this “new” but not so great version of me? Am I always going to feel this way?”

Then Autumn said she would like to try a more “in depth” session that she thought could help me if I was open to it. Of course I was because she’s always been amazing. She spent 2 hours with me and answered so many questions I had, all from reading the energy of my body. She was able to truly get to the root of what was going on inside. There were tears, laughing, yawning, everything! I woke up the next day after that session feeling like I had ran a marathon and slept for two weeks. It was a feeling I will never forget. I felt lighter and brighter and like I had a fresh start at life.

About a week after our session it hit me… the dark cloud was GONE!! I mean G.O.N.E. Gone!!! I got the biggest smile. I met with my counselor a couple weeks later to say I no longer feel the need to touch on these issues, I don’t need to dig for answers, I was GOOD! So good, all thanks to Autumn! I never would have been able to get to the root of my issues and truly let them go, all through energy.

She’s AMAZING! I will say it a million times over. I have had two more in depth sessions since the first one with Autumn and each one was so great, so different, and exciting and answers so many questions I’ve had about myself. Autumn can tell me what is going on before I even walk into the room. I absolutely love it! I’ve felt like I’ve been “on hold” for so many years, and now I have this fresh start to go live life! I now know what HAPPY truly feels like and it’s incredible. I am forever grateful for Autumn and what she does ❤️