Katie’s Story

Autumn Smith is AMAZING!! I went to see Autumn because I was struggling to get my health under control. I hadn’t been feeling like myself since my daughter’s birth and wanted to get back to being ME. I felt like I had a dark cloud following me everywhere.

Autumn asked me to fill out a questionnaire prior to my visit, which I did, and I scored a whopping 560 on my quiz… Good, right? WRONG! 560 was AWFUL! My adrenals weren’t functioning properly, my sugar handling was off the charts, like WAY off, upper GI was a mess, kidney and bladder, you name it, I was an absolute DISASTER! Autumn’s exact words at one appointment were, “You poor thing!”

katie's chart

I knew I was bad, but I didn’t realize how bad until I knew how good I could actually feel. Autumn put me on a 30 day restricted eating plan, I’m talking no sugar, no caffeine, no booze, no dairy, no soy, no wheat, no life (just kidding)! I probably followed it about 80/20 because that’s just me😁 She made sure I had all of the proper nutrition my body was lacking. I had to write down everything I ate and hand over my sheets every two weeks.

After the 30 days I continued to see Autumn every two weeks up until my final 3 month health plan came to a close. Autumn sent me the same questionnaire as she did in the beginning, only this time I scored 257!!! A drop of 303 points, and I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing I feel in such a short amount of time! This picture is a graph showing my before and after. The solid line represents before and the dotted line represents after.

I am no longer “off the charts” in any area and I couldn’t be happier. Not only do I feel like myself again, I feel even happier than I did before. Thank you Autumn for all you have done to help me! I’m forever grateful and will continue on this path. Not only did I gain a more positive outlook on my health, and life, I gained a life-long friend. Thank you, thank you!

If anyone has been wanting to see a natural healer, she’s your girl!