Kelley (21 – Day Purification Program)

Prior to the program I knew I was feeling worse each month with bad eating habits and gaining more weight, though I was already considered obese. I could feel inside my body being not well, swollen, in pain, etc. Having failed at many diets I worried what to do. We have been buying a lot of organic foods already but then end up eating out too often or craving junk food and eating that too.

When my daughter asked me to join her on the program it was a few days before we started it. I wanted to be supportive of her and hoped it would be good for me, though I didn’t know anything about it. I worried it was just one more diet.

We jumped in and followed the program. By day 3 when I wasn’t missing my coffee or having cravings for it or sugar or other junk. I knew something was different about this program. At the end of the first week I was excited and amazed at how my body felt different, healthier and I was losing weight. I wasn’t hungry, I could actually have eaten more if I wanted to, but I didn’t feel I needed it.

After the 21 days I am still amazed that I don’t miss my old loves – coffee, chocolate, sugar, pizza among others. I may think of them but it’s not a craving; it’s more like, eeewww that doesn’t really sound good now.

I love and look forward to the SP protein shakes, they are filling and satisfying. As we continue on this healthy eating program I am satisfied and excited, not dreading how long it will take to lose more weight. It’s been a successful start to a life-long healthier eating plan, which is just what we needed – something that would work and stick!

Thank you to Autumn Smith for everything she brings to this program and for sharing it with us.