Tasha and Layden

Writing a testimonial for Autumn Smith could literally fill a book. How do you convey the care, answers, and love she has given my entire family for the past three years I’ve known her? I want to share my most memorable healing and gift she has given my family through her practice. 

On March 19, 2015 I gave birth to a healthy (and I mean, a full pound healthier, than my other two children) baby boy. I started seeing Autumn half way through my pregnancy, and she did “warn” me that babies who receive this amazing care tend to be born at a higher (healthier) birth weight. We call this a “Standard Process baby” (This is the name of the whole food supplement line she uses). The nutrients she provided during my pregnancy were to ensure both baby and myself had optimal nutritional levels.

Within the first month of Layden’s life he developed a severe case of what the doctors called “baby acne”. Luckily, my husband’s concerns confirmed what my gut told me; that this was something else entirely. We were sure it wouldn’t clear on its own, and still concerned that I didn’t know what was going on. I messaged Autumn for an appointment and she asked me to send pictures. After seeing them, she immediately called me and said we needed to see him right away.

She confirmed that it appeared he had a “leaky gut”, which would mean even his exclusively breast milk diet would act as an irritant, and his body would react to it. Instantly I felt relieved that it was something we could heal together, but also wondering how could my beautiful baby be born with this, and more importantly what caused it?

We talked about possibilities that could have contributed to his “leaky gut” such as; my gut flora not being optimal prior to conceiving, and the fact that I was also treated with antibiotics for Group B.

She used mostly homeopathics with a small dose of baby probiotics to provide support for his body. We saw a difference the very next day after our appointment, and his rash was completely gone within one week! After his skin went back to perfect smooth baby skin, Autumn continued to help soothe and heal his gut using other nutritional supplements. Being a newborn, I would take the nutrition and he would receive it though my breast milk. She even helped me understand what I could do to assist with his healing by altering my diet to accommodate his needs. I cannot tell you how happy my heart was to see my baby go from that condition to total health! He is now 2 years old and in perfect health.

Autumn, I love you and am eternally grateful for the care you give my family. Thank you.