Working with Spirit

Each person has their own unique way of connecting with Spirit. There is truly no right or wrong way. Spirit can communicate with us through any of our senses, whether it be sight, smell, hearing, taste, or touch. Sometimes Spirit shows us images with our eyes closed (or open). Sometimes they are clear, and other times they are blurry or dream like. Perhaps we smell fresh flowers which reminds us of someone, or we hear a song playing off in the background, or maybe we even hear a word or a name. Other times, it is just a sense of knowing – the whisper of your intuition.

For me, it is often quite comical. I get bits and pieces, symbols, that come together to complete a message.

Often times I get passed loved ones who like to remind their family and friends of good times they had. Other times they have messages regarding concerns for those still here on Earth.

Spirit guides will also come through often to help those in need while going through transitions or difficult emotional times.

There is never a dull moment when communicating with Spirit! We never know who will come through or what the messages will be, but it is always a joy!